Our team


Head of Agrotechnology, Energy & Sustainable Agriculture

Earning his first degree in economics at the Lagos State University (Nigeria), two master’s degrees in energy economics and environmental studies from Dundee University and University of Bath (UK), Dr Alejo has a PhD from Federal University of Agriculture Abeoukuta (FUNAB) (Nigeria). He served as a special consultant to Lagos state on mineral and agricultural resources between 2010-2017 while running a 500-hectare combined integrated cassava and greenhouse farm estate in Agbowa-Ogun state, Nigeria.


Head of Strategy and Agribusiness Innovation

A seasoned agribusiness consultant, Peter Okwor has worked with Houis Global Alliance Ltd as a senior agricultural investment research analyst and as a technical consultant with Agribusiness Systems Technology Ltd. He served at Opuafu Nigeria Limited as Senior Agribusiness consultant before moving on to co-found Petko Agribusiness Consultancy Ltd. He is a member of Institute of Management Consultancy, an alumnus of Lagos Business School and Ogun State University where is studied agro-economics.


Senior Partner, Specialised Financial Expert and Advisor

Dominic Okwor ample experience in accounting and business management, serving at various capacities as a senior financial manager, advisor, consultant, and business modelling specialist in the public and private sectors. He has a degree in economics from the University of Calabar and is a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) with the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN).


Head of International Agribusiness Partnership and Collaboration

George studied business management at the University of Florida, He has worked with several multinational companies in USA, including Cargill Ltd, Olams Ltd and US Tobacco Company, as head of business operations.