Agribusiness Advisory Services

As a leading frontier in the Agric production, processing, Branding, commodity export/marketing value chain, We understood over time the relevance of “Accurate knowledge in decision making” as  core fulcrum for Agribusiness success, Therefore we are deploying our experiences that has been built into proven solution for our client, It analyzes Agric businesses and offer precise advice and guardians when accurately followed brings about growth, with high level of sustainability in this challenging era of establishing a successful Agric Business.

Farm setup/Management:

Suffice to mention that PAC Limited is in tune with Federal Government program. In line with the Agricultural Transformation Agenda, PAC Limited acquire land and such lands are allocated to its registered members. Before the allocation participants are trained in simple modern farming techniques. Sizes allocated to participants varied from an acre to one hectare depending on the location and capability, at a token fee in their choice location. Allottees are allowed to farm on the land for as long as possible. Allotees have the option to buy off their farm land (payment on instalment for the land is allowed) after about 5years and such can be converted to housing estate in the future.

Furthermore there is an off taker arrangement with some industrial agro processing companies to help farmers guarantee their revenue rather than been open to market glut that usually characterize harvesting period associated with low prices.


Loan opportunity is open to farmers to assist them in their various farming operation. PAC Limited has helped its numerous participants to organise loan facility from banks and financial institutions for several new and existing business owners. PAC Limited has existing loan packaging relationship with banks like First Bank, Microfinance Ltd., Bank of agriculture, Sterling bank Ltd., Bank of Industry etc.

Agribusiness off-taker contractor:

We fully understood the importance of converting cultivated crop, reared animal or process Agric commodity to get value exchanged for money, and the short shelf life of Agric commodity, Therefore we help our client research and carve market niche for the various commodity produce by them and create market synergy for the product to generate great value for money.

Agribusiness Planning and Evaluation:

As Important as it’s in making profit in Agric venture seems, so is planning; Integrated Agribusiness Planning and evaluation of business climate is perceived by PAC Limited to be remedy to Agric business failure, As a result of our interaction with the Government, Policy maker, Consumers, Market actor and other business influencer that interact with the Agric business climate. We have found out that poor evaluation of business climate can caused huge Agric business failure.

Therefore we have design a model that evaluate, tie business loose ends together, for effective implementation of Agribusiness prospect for our various client.

Agribusiness Investment research Analysis:

It is part of our culture at PAC Limited to make sure our client investment are safe, secure and profitable, therefore we are deploying an “end to end business appraisal research and analysis” to make sure our client investment are safe and can yield profit, We archieve this by running our client through our investment checklist model and make possible adjustment and recommendation where necessary for high profitability.

Training services:

We deploy our expertise and deep industry knowledge at this area to render specific Agric training on new innovation or technology, Best management practice, Rural farmers health/safety, Land/Farm dispute resolution etc.

Agribusiness Incubation:

At PAC Limited we help birth our client Agribusiness and make sure various success enabler are in place for higher investment profitability, through evaluation and management of various Agric portfolio for our client.


We believe that businesses should appear the way there want to be perceived; As a result we are helping Agric businesses through our branding technology to project our clients Agribusinesses to gain good commodity perception in the heart of their various partners and consumer.

Agribusiness HR services:

With our numerous years of interaction in the industry, we understand fully the importance of making smart choice in the area of recruiting staffs that can effectively service various operations gaps across the Agric industry for our various client, we deploy our “potential searchlight” in identifying potential staff for recruitment at all level for our prestigious client.

Agro-Funding arrangement for our client:

With decades of collaboration and interaction with diverse financial institution, we have built credibility with them, Which has fetch us respect from various financial institutions, our familiarity with various funding model has also given us huge edge as expert facilitator of Agric funding for our various client. We guide, mentor and lead our client through the process of acquiring Agric Financial instrument be it loan or grant, using our robust application model built with a proven track record over time to deliver excellent result.

Agro commodity processing consultancy:

For a processing facility to deliver expected result, Right equipment/material with standard level of compliance with global mechanical and environmental standard must be used to achieve optimum result. As a result we have relationship with high level Agri-Tech companies across the globe as partners for specific mechanical project.

At PAC Limited we don’t juts help you set up facility, we guide and train our client, make sure facility setup by us get the right warranty and are in perfect condition, before and after handover.


To achieve our set business objectives, the organisation is structured into the following major groups namely: Business Development Support, Financial empowerment, Skill Acquisition, Farm Settlement Scheme, with strong emphasis on building relationships, creating wealth and providing value added benefits for all stakeholders.

  1. Business Development / Financial / Empowerment:

This is the marketing department of the organization, comprising:

  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Business advisory services
  • Feasibility development
  • Arrangement of loan package
  • Loan Administration
  1. Skill Acquisition:
    • Poverty alleviation Program
    • Tutorials, guidance and counselling
    • Loans & Advances
    • Micro Credit Loans
    • Financial Advisory Services
  • Farm Management Scheme
  • Zero Hunger program
  • Land Allocation
  • Training in basic farming techniques
  • Agric loan packaging
  • Project Finance
  • Farm Estate Management Services
  1. Agro-processing (in view)
  • Cassava flakes (Garri) Processing
  • Charcoal export
  • Palm Oil Processing mill
  • Palm Kernel oil Processing mill
  • Rice mill
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